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It’s easy to forget about your tax return until the end of the financial year hits – then, it’s often a desperate scramble to get together your tax information! At Taxlynk, we take the stress out of tax time – for businesses and individuals.

Making your tax return as simple as possible.


When you come to see us for assistance with your tax return, we make the process as simple as possible. We’ll work with you to prepare your personal or business tax returns and financials. Whether you decide to visit us in person or communicate everything via email, we tailor our working method to suit you. 

Our accountants take the time to get to know you

with our efficient and professional approach, work to bring you the best possible tax outcomes. Before your appointment, you’ll receive a standardised checklist of what you’ll need to provide your accountant. This ensures that the process runs as smoothly as possible. 

Tax planning is an important service we offer that helps improve your upcoming tax position. We look at how the year is shaping up from a tax perspective before we get to the end of the financial year. This allows us to identify opportunities for you to save on tax, make some capital acquisitions you’ve been holding off on, or make super contributions that will benefit you and your business. 

We’ll review your information before making a tax plan.

The tax plan will look at how the year is progressing and project forward to the end of the year and give us an idea of how your business is looking, what the projected outcome is and some points to improve your tax position. Sometimes, you may not need to do anything, but it’ll give you peace of mind knowing that your business is on track.

We see clients at tax time who could have saved thousands of dollars if they had spoken to us earlier,

which is why tax planning is vital to your business. Likewise for individuals, speaking to us before you sell is imperative if you’re selling an investment property, as we can assist with implementing steps that will significantly reduce your tax bill, and could even save you thousands in tax!

When faced with events or situations that see you dealing with unexpected tax complications, receiving tax advice from an accounting professional is crucial. For example, if someone passes away, we work with the family member or administrator of the estate to give relevant tax advice about the estate and assets owned by the deceased.

Our staff are experienced in the tax implications of selling an investment property.

In these instances, we look at and assist with calculating the capital gain and whether there is something that can be done to minimise the tax impact. 

We also work with those wanting to sell a business who may need tax advice.

We can assist with whether the small business capital gains tax (CGT) concessions apply. We’ll assess what it means from a tax perspective if it does apply. CGT concessions are a complex area of taxation but one that our team members have years of experience in. 

Some other aspects of tax advice we specialise in include:

  • Property development
  • Employee share schemes 
  • Implementing new or unwinding existing business structures
  • Receiving inheritance 
  • Buying into a business

Bookkeeping is an essential service we offer our business clients. Our dedicated, in-house staff are well-versed in the latest accounting software (such as Xero, MYOB, Quick Books Online and Cash Flow Manager), meaning they can easily maintain your accounts.

Businesses can opt for our full suite of bookkeeping services or pick and choose what suits them.

Some of the things we can assist with include

  • Completing bank reconciliations
  • Processing payroll
  • Processing transactions
  • BAS preparation and lodgment
  • Entering new assets (such as cars) into the books

Our bookkeeping services benefit a variety of businesses

but work exceptionally well with small businesses, sole traders, partnership companies and trusts. We’ll set up an initial meeting to understand your requirements and put a plan in place with the goals you’d like to achieve and how we can get you there. 

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