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SMSF and Retirement specialists

At Taxlynk, we have a dedicated staff member specialising in self-managed super funds (SMSFs). This means our processes run much more smoothly as we aren’t dealing with third parties. 

If you have an existing SMSF

we can take on the ASIC and taxation compliance work required each year and we even organise the audit for you. Using our integrated systems ensures efficiency and allows us to focus on helping you achieve your goals.  


Setting up or managing your SMSF is a collaborative effort between your financial planner and us. If you don’t have a financial planner, we can assign one to you to ensure that the process is as seamless as possible.

There are plenty of benefits to having an SMSF

These can include:


  • Administration cost savings
  • More direct control over your investments
  • The opportunity to purchase property through your super fund

An SMSF is a serious investment and isn’t something that we’ll action without the appropriate advice. In conjunction with your financial advisor, your accounting professional will assess your financial position and goals and decide whether an SMSF is a viable option for you.

Likewise, if you have an active SMSF, we can assist in determining whether it is suitable for you.

If we, along with your financial planner, decide that this superannuation option isn’t working for you anymore, we can assist you in winding down the fund and transferring you to a better, more suited product for your circumstances.

Staff have your best interests as our top priority and will look at all pieces of the puzzle before advising you. 

Our retirement and succession planning service gets our clients thinking about their ideal retirement. We ask the tough questions that aren’t fun to answer but are necessary for the future. 


Recent studies have shown that only 46% of people over the age of 40 feel prepared for retirement – that’s less than half! Without a plan, you may never get to the point of feeling prepared to retire!

Some key considerations for retirement include:

  • What does your ideal retirement look like? 
  • What needs to be done between now and retirement to achieve that? 
  • Does your business have a succession plan in place? 
  • Likewise, what happens to your business if you were to pass away unexpectedly?

We work with your financial planner to provide tailored advice to your situation.

Our collaboration also extends to giving advice around: 


  • Whether or not you should start maxing out your superannuation contribution caps.
  • Increasing your salary sacrifice payment.
  • Exploring a transition to a retirement pension income stream through your super fund.
  • Considering a withdrawal and re-contribution strategy.
  • Managing the tax impact of selling investment assets and contributing more money into superannuation.

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